Everybody Makes Mistakes

Criminal Records Are So Last Year

With background checks more prominent than ever, employment becoming scarcer and money woes at every turn, it’s little wonder Canadians are applying for pardons in record numbers.

In 2007, nearly 25,000 people applied for pardons. That is nearly 50% more per annum than a few years ago.

Part of this can be attributed to greater awareness of the possibility of pardon in the first place. Part of this is surely stemming from PSC’s own ad campaigns that a criminal record will not go away. A record will follow you for life.

Pardons prevent customs and the police from accessing your files. They keep your information hidden from potential employers, or even your boss doing a spot check at work.

With more and more people in Canada knowing about the benefits of pardons, and the concept of forgiveness a part of our everyday vernacular, it is only a matter of time before the lingering stigma of a record is removed as well.

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