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Change You Can Be Free In

The recent visit from US President Obama hinted that there could be changes in the works regarding the restrictions at the US and Canadian border.

Right now, $1.5 billion in goods cross the border every day. This requires a lot of people, and takes a lot of jobs. The ‘thickened’ security since 9/11 has made transport even more difficult between the two major trading partners.

Obama stated that he plans to take action to address such “bottlenecks.”

One concern is the rigid stance taken towards Canadians with past indiscretions. Currently, most Canadians with criminal records are not welcome into the United States without an Entry Waiver. And Canadian Pardons are not recognized whatsoever. However, Obama’s visit might shed new light on laws that keep 11% of the Canadian population (those with records) from entering their country without let or hindrance.

If you have a record, and you plan to travel to the United States, it is imperative that you get that record removed before crossing the border. If the USA is aware of your record, Pardon Services Canada can organize a waiver for you before you travel.

Hopefully, with the new presidency, travel will be easier in the future. But until these changes are put in place, it is best that you talk to us before attempting to cross the border.

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