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Sun of a Beach...Criminal Record Limits Travel

Canadians love to travel. This fact is reflected in the number of Canadians currently holding valid Canadian passports increasing to 60 percent from only 36 percent in 2005. Although the recession in 2008 kept many from travelling the way they would have liked, some choosing to pursue the “staycation” while the economy was sluggish, the number of people traveling has since rebounded.

During the 2010/2011 winter travel season, 10 percent more Canadians travelled to the US than the previous year, with Hawaii proving to be the one of the most attractive places. The US is a top destination for Canadians. In fact, several US locations are currently on the list of the top 25 beaches in the world for 2011. Unfortunately for some would be travelers, a Canadian criminal record limits your ability to travel to the US.

Travelling abroad has also seen a resurgence. In the winter, Canadians love the sun, choosing R & R on beaches and cruises. And during the other seasons, destinations like Mexico, Cuba, Britain, and China are increasingly popular. To take advantage of lower flight costs, a significant number of Canadian travelers are now going to the US for flights to US destinations and around the world.

Quite apparent is the position that the US holds in all these ventures. A predominance of travel is either to or through the US. What a shame it is that so many Canadians cannot even consider pursuing their dream vacations because they have a criminal record. Only through getting a pardon to remove that criminal record and receiving a waiver to gain entry into the US will that dream become a reality.

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