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How Do I Get Rid of My Criminal Record?

With a pardon you can seal your Canadian criminal record. By "sealed" it means that your record will be kept separate from all other records, and that it cannot be seen. While the record still remains, it can only be accessed by the courts, and not police, customs officers, employers, or anyone else.

The process of sealing a record involves attaining a Canadian pardon. Aquiring a pardon can take up to two years, and you need to have shown that you are eligible.

Eligibility is determined depending on the severity of the original conviction. Some offences are pardonable 3 years after all sentencing (including fines, probation and time served) is completed, others take 5 years.

Either way, it is never a bad idea to start the pardon proces early. You can begin by accumulating the documentation you need and contacting: Pardon Services Canada

With your criminal record cleared, you can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind you deserve. Look into the application process today, and contact us for any further information.

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